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The NEO Lighting Control Console from Philips Entertainment/ Strand Lighting is perfect for “Next Generation” systems.  Seamlessly integrating LED lighting, dimmers, and moving lights, NEO works the way you do!  Command line programmer?  NEO supports the the keystrokes you grew up with.  Mouse jockey?  NEO supports point and click operation.   Smart Phone addict?  NEO supports dual Touch Screen displays…and there is an Ap to use your phone or tablet as a remote.

Configurable drag-and-drop “Magic Sheets” simplify operation let you to focus on the lighting – not remembering numbers.   Optional, password protected logins mean that basic users get basic access, while advanced users can unlock the power of NEO.  Motorized “Flying Faders” let you handle multiple pages of submasters with ease.

Parlights is proud to provide NEO demonstrations to our customers upon request.




  • Up to 100 Universes of DMX per ConsoleNEO_Console1
  • 10 Motorized Submasters & 5 Motorized Multi-Function Faders
  • Dual Motorized Grand Masters & Motorized A/B Playback Faders
  • Individually Controlled Backlit Keys
  • 4 Indented Push Encoders with Color LCD Screens for Encoder Assignment
  • Tracking, Cue Only and Hybrid Tracking Programming
  • Flexible Shortcut System, Generic Palettes, & Time Line Effects
  • Pixel Mapping & Media Playback
  • Multi-User with Tracking Backup
  • User security system (login)
  • Android / iOS Remotes
  • Magic Sheet Layout & Blind Pre-Visualization
  • 4 DMX Out Ports / 1 DMX In Port / 2 Network Ports
  • 3 Video Outs (HDMI / VESA Display Port / DVI)
  • MIDI Out / In, SMPTE Out / In
  • 2 XLR Ports for Console Lights

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