A Word about Electronics Diversified, Inc. (EDI)

Electronics Diversified End Of Life ProductsFor nearly 5 decades, Electronics Diversified, Incorporated (EDI) provided tough-as-nails dimming and control products. Sadly, EDI fell victim to a tough economy and went out of business early in 2011.

Never fear — Parlights offers support for much of the EDI product line. We have established service depots that can repair or replace some of the more common parts.

Electronics Diversified EDI MX Rack Mark X Dimmer

Electronics Diversified Inc. – EDI – MX Dimmer Rack

Contact us if you have an EDI product in need of service.  Serviceable products include, but are not limited to:

  • Mark VII (Mark Seven) Dimmer racks and modules
  • MX Dimmer racks and modules
  • Prolite and Prolite Jr. Dimmer panels
  • Versa-Pak Dimmer panels
  • Designer and Twilite (TSC) Wall Stations
  • Bijou, Lite, Copycat, Plus Control Consoles
  • SCRimmer Stik and Dimmex Dimmer packs

Parts are limited. Some items simply cannot be serviced. Parlights stands ready to work with you to develop an appropriate replacement item or upgrade should that be necessary.

Parlights offers not only parts, but complete system retrofits and replacements that best fit your needs. Many without the need of an expensive electrical installation. Contact us about a Retrofit Solution for your system!


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