Strand Lighting CD80 Portable Dimmer Pack Retrofits


Digital Pack Controllers (DPC’s) are a next generation retrofit electronics package designed specifically for upgrading Strand CD80 12 channel and 24 channel portable dimmer packs, as well as 48 channel compact rolling racks. This direct plug-in replacement control module supersedes all previous generations of OEM and aftermarket controllers in both reliability and features.

Johnson Systems DPC -12 Retrofit for Strand CD80 Portable 12 Channel Dimmer Pack

“Basic Mode”, on power up, was designed specifically at the request of major U.S. studios and rental houses. Advanced features for the more selective user allow customization of over 30 additional features. Advanced next generation “3000 Series” hardware and software designs reduce stand-by power consumption to less than 1 Watt. Exclusive “lamp warming” techniques extends lamp life considerably.

  • Directly replaces existing OEM or after-market control module(s) with superior “brains”!
  • LCD display and intuitive user interface make operation fast and simple.
  • “Basic Mode”, on power up, simplifies set up for standard DMX users.
    12 or 24 buttons selectable for either “Bump” or “DMX Snapshot/Preset” with LED intensity adjust.
  • Unique “lamp warming” feature lowers the current inrush/shock to cold lamp filament by up to 70% resulting in significantly increased lamp filament life and lower cost of ownership.
  • Hi-resolution digital outputs with individual dimmer profile selection.

    Johnson Systems DPC -24 Retrofit for Strand CD80 Portable 24 Channel Dimmer Pack

  • Dual opto-isolated DMX512 inputs with built-in protocol manager.
  • Removable memory module permits remote and/or off site backup of configuration data and ease of future firmware upgrades.
  • Up to 10 year product warranty available