ElectroControls Quad/QD Dimmer Rack Upgrade


The QD-2000 is a professional retrofit electronics package designed specifically Electro Controls (EC) Quad dimmer racks. This full-featured, state-of-the-art unit converts dual DMX inputs with protocol manager to 96 PWM and 128 DMX channels of output.

Standard software includes architectural features such as DMX snapshots, scene storage, time clock, power management, auto scheduling, dimmer rack diagnostics and much more.

Designed to install in minutes, this product is the proven and much talked about solution for EC Quad dimmer racks. The QD-2000 makes expensive replacement of antiquated dimming systems completely unnecessary. At a fraction of installed replacement cost and downtime, this engineered long-term solution puts state-of-the-art dimming technology at your fingertips!





JSI QD2000 for ElectroControls Quad Dimmer Rack
JS 330 ElectroControls Quad Dimmer Firing Card