edi logoParlights provides service, support,repair,  and hard-to-find parts for Electronics Diversified (EDI) Dimming & Control Systems.
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EDI systems serviced by Parlights include:


  • Mark VII Dimmer Rack
  • MX Dimmer Rack
  • Prolite Dimmer Panels
  • MVP Dimmer Panels
  • Versapak Dimmers

 Architectural Controls

  • TSC/ TSC XLT Architectural Controls
  • SMART System
  • Designer Series Analog Controls
  • Twilite 9 Architectural Controls
  • Twilite 12 Architectural Controls

Control Consoles

  • Bijou Memory Console
  • Lite Manual Console
  • PLUS Manual & Memory Console


Learn More About EDI MX Processor Retrofits

Learn more about how the MX-3000 Dimmer Rack Retrofit Module can save you downtime and extend the life of your existing MX dimmer rack.