slpar155The Philips Entertainment SL PAR 155 ZOOM is a flexible LED wash light that seamlessly replaces conventional Fresnels & PARs.  This rugged, die-cast aluminum luminaire uses calibrated, homogenized RGBW LEDs to produce over 3200 lumens of bright, beautiful light.  Integrated zoom optics provide a smooth beam variable from 8° to 40°… without cumbersome lens changes.  The intuitive, split yoke bracket allows for quick and easy placement of the SL PAR 155 overhead or on the floor.

Brilliant output.  Vibrant Colors.  Variable Zoom.

…and a price tag that keeps green in your pocket, not your LED’s.


  • True LED replacement for 575w and 750w halogen Fresnel and PAR wash lights
  • No lenses required!  8° to 40° manual zoom optics with smooth, even field
  • High Quality, calibrated LED light engine for exceptional output and color
  • Intuitive on board menu system
  • Built-in color presets, effects, and chases with master and slave modes
  • HSIC (Hue – Saturation – Intensity – Color temperature) operation mode
  • 8 or 16-bit DMX-512A operation for smooth, stepless fades
  • Remote Configuration available via RDM
  • Standard 7.5″ accessory holder
  • ETL, cETL & CE listed.


SL PAR DEMO BUTTONA word about color…

LED Theatrical Lighting fixtures use a variety of color mixing systems to match the colors used in “conventional” stage lighting.  Some use four colors of LED, some use seven.  Some use RGBA, some use RGBW, and some use a combination of primary and secondary colors…there is even one with a “twist of lime”.  All of these systems have different strengths and weaknesses, and all of them are the subject of much debate (mostly between salesmen and anyone they can get to listen).

Our recommendation?  Don’t give in to the hype.
We think that you are smart enough to make your own choice.
See for yourself, use your eyes, and decide what works best for your application in your space lighting actual people.

(we’ll even show you the twist of lime!)



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