Keeping it Green

Little steps go a long way…

Re-purposed Fresnel

Parlights is committed to being environmentally responsible. Wherever possible, we reuse, re-task, reduce and recycle. Not only do we recycle much of our office waste such as used paper, toner/ink cartridges, bottles and cans, but we recycle old dimming system components, consoles, and fixtures. Whenever possible we donate used but viable fixtures to struggling non-profits.

In the office we keep the temperature a few degrees higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter. After hours, our thermostats set the temp appropriate for the season. We use natural and task lighting instead of general lighting where practical. In Summer, we curtain off our larger display windows to reduce air conditioning needs.

We are very excited about the innovations in LED technology and the potential energy and pollution savings that can be achieved. We have been researching some very innovative solutions for around the office and backstage. We will share what we learn, here and in email blasts so remember to subscribe to our mailing list to get them!

 If you have taken the time to read this page and you know the manufacturer of this fresnel, email with the answer, subject line Fresnel Planter. The first 5 correct answers win a sheet of gel.