Intelligent Automated Fixtures

The VL 440 Spot Luminaire features a (3) wheel CYM color assembly.



The VL 550 Wash is available in a 550 or 550D unit. The “D” signifies an onboard IGBT dimmer.





The VL 770 Spot Luminaire is small in size but packs a mighty punch with an MSR 700 watt mini fast fit lamp. It also features a zoom range from 15-36 degrees as well as an iris.


The VL880 features a (3) wheel CYM color assembly, 800-watt MSR lamp with an output of 19,000 lumens.


The VL1100 is the closest to a “true moving ellipsoidal” and is available in the following flavors, Arc, tungsten, tungsten with an internal dimmer and CD unit.




The VL 2500 features dichroic color mixing and is available in a spot or wash unit.





The VL 3000 features an output of 35,000 lumens and a new standard of control over color and beam control in a wash or spot fixture.




The VL 3500 outputs upwards of 50,000 lumens and adds a zoomable optic assembly.






The VL 3500 Wash FX outputs upwards of 50,000 lumens and adds a zoomable optic assembly and a four position rotating pattern wheel





The Mac 700 Profile offers rapid strobe effects (up to 10 Hz) and a pan and tilt range of 540°/246° with just under 15,000 lumens of output.




The Mac 2000 Wash XB offers a total output up to 63100 lumens ,CMY color mixing system, PC,Fresnel and micro-Fresnel (all included) and super-wide lenses and electronic ballast with hot lamp restrike.


Please contact our sales staff for more details or pricing on these or any of the other fantastic Vari Lite or Martin Entertainment fixtures.