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cognito with monitorThe Cognito2 Lighting Console, from Pathway, easily programs LED lighting, dimmers, moving lights.   Cognito2 is network-ready and features a friendly, streamlined user interface that guides you through selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues.  Once programmed, the show can be played back manually or with sequenced playlists.  Cognito has off line editors for both Mac & PC, and features a free iOS App with Remote Focus Unit functionality and more!


  • Ideal for small and medium size venues and productions
  • Simplified programming with intuitive natural-language control
  • Teachable, coachable, and easy to remember
  • Silent, compact design
  • Single Monitor Support
  • neato iOS  App for remote control and playback
  • Multi-platform off-line editor for PC & Mac
  • DMX and Ethernet outputs



PDFBrochure/ Data Sheet
Quick Start Guide
Drawing (pdf)
Drawing (dwg)
download arrowDownload Area (Fixture Libraries & Offline Editors)

neato iOS App with RFU (Remote Focus Unit)
functionality and more can be found here: