Cineo Maverick™ LED Softlight

Cineo Maverick™ is the long-awaited portable member the family from Cineo Lighting. This evolutionary fixture provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor Technology found in the TruColor HS™ and LS™, while better meeting the demands of field use: lightweight, DC...

Philips Entertainment SL PAR 155

The Philips Entertainment SL PAR 155 ZOOM is a flexible LED wash light that seamlessly replaces conventional Fresnels & PARs. Brilliant output. Vibrant Colors. Variable Zoom…and a price tag that keeps green in your pocket, not your LED’s.

Strand NEO Lighting Control Console

The new NEO Lighting Control Console from Philips Entertainment/ Strand Lighting seamlessly integrates control of LED lighting, dimmers, and moving lights in a state of the art lighting console…the latest innovation from Strand Lighting.

Cognito2 Lighting Console

Cognito2, from Pathway, is a revolutionary lighting console that easily programs LED lighting, dimmers, moving lights.

Altman Chalice 100W LED Downlight Pendant

The Altman Chalice 100W LED Downlight Pendant is a 100W LED architectural down light designed for permanent installation and energy savings.  Integration into an existing control system is easy with the simple three button DMX addressing locates at the top of the...

MA Lighting dot2 Console

The dot2 console from MA Lighting sets the new standard for mid-sized lighting consoles: Big Features and MA Software with a price tag you can afford.

2018 Pathway Connectivity Cognito2 Console Training

Registration is now open for Pathway Cognito2 Console Training at Parlights! Parlights is pleased to offer free Cognito2 Console Training!  Pathway Connectivity's Rob Bell returns to teach the basics of the Cognito2 console with hands on training at Parlights....

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2017 NEO Training Registration

We look forward to seeing you at NEO Training! Please complete the form below, press send, and a member of our sales team will contact you to confirm your registration [contact-form-7 id="4281" title="2017 NEO Training Registration"]

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Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Parlights has Parts. Often, a single replacement part will fix a lighting control system.  The problem?  Parts for older systems are hard to find.  Not to worry!  Parlights maintains an inventory of new and refurbished parts to support a variety of systems, including...

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Service for EDI Systems

Parlights provides service, support,repair,  and hard-to-find parts for Electronics Diversified (EDI) Dimming & Control Systems. To download EDI Manuals click here. EDI systems serviced by Parlights include: Dimmer Racks Mark VII Dimmer Rack MX Dimmer Rack Prolite...

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Service for Older Strand Lighting Systems

Parlights is proud to service and support the full range of Strand Lighting dimming and control systems, both current and pre-Philips models. Older systems serviced by Parlights include: Dimming Systems: CD80/ CD80AE/ CD80SV Dimmer Racks SLD Dimmer Racks Environ2 &...

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